fitness.jpg – Most women have had those days when they see a model on a magazine cover and wishing hard that she wasn’t real, that gaining a figure so fit wasn’t possible. The hardest hating for our body comes from within, others are far more polite. Well the reality of it is that some of us may have to work harder than others to get into the desired shape while for some it comes easy. Some can eat cheeseburgers yet stay slim while others get fat eating plain bread. What don’t we try a personal female fitness trainer, we join weight loss centers, health and fitness centers, we Google anything and everything about female fitness and health. If you find yourselves nodding to these situations then here are a few fitness tips for you. I like to keep three things in check while determining how to get fit: Routine exercise, healthy eating, and sound sleeping. Make a routine and follow it. Eating healthy is not always the easiest thing to do but neither is jogging at four in the morning to do away the cheesecake you had last night. Third sleep, I know that the connection here isn’t as obvious as the other two but just as important. A sleep deprived brain seeks junk food and has a lower impulse to say no. Good sleep prepares your body for the next day’s work and workout.

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