Beautiful and Healthy Winter Hair

hair-style.jpg – Experts say that harsh winters and dropping temperatures can be your hair’s number 1 enemy. From spit ends to frizzy dry hair, hat hair to static electricity… whenever winter hits, your hair problems sit on the top of your seemingly dull hair. The environment can have damaging effects on the hair and not taking precautions to protect the hair magnifies the damage. Sun exposure combined with winter chilly wind is bad news for your hair. But no need to worry, you can take both protective and replenishing steps for your hair care. Let’s start with

  1. Cover your hair to protect from sun, wind and rain. Although wearing hat at all times may give us the dreaded hat hair. So to avoid hat hair cover your hair with silk scarf.
  2. Keep hair moisturized. Winters take away your hair’s moisture, so keep them conditioned all winter. Use a thick rick moisturizing conditioner.
  3. Keep hair washing to a minimum, maybe two, three times a week. Washing more will lead to dry and fuzzy hair.
  4. Trim dry hair and split ends regularly.

Hairstyles that you can rock this winter are wavy locks, chic bob, side braids and flipped crop. And don’t worry about the fashion, by the time we get it right.. something new comes around.

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