Fitness and Wellness: For You & Me



According to some textbook definitions.. Wellness generally means a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Now who among us don’t want that feeling of wellbeing and notion of a happy life? Most of us are health seeking individuals… Who at the dawn of every year and sometimes infact days… promise ourselves physical and mental wellbeing? We do everything that we know is important for us to be happy. Now since happiness a lil tough to understand, we try to find it in different places. Sometimes in workplace success, other times in personal sphere. Among these important things in the life we often overlook the physical fitness and wellness. We quantify things so much that non quantifiable things fail to garner our attention. Physical fitness is as important for female as mental and emotional. Now you can hire personal fitness trainer, join local gyms, make yourself exercise or even practice yoga but none of that will help you unless you realize its significance. You may find excuses every now and then- holidays, parties, celebrations, but none should become a reason for you to stop trying. That’s what we do.. We pick up a routine..An exercise, a practice… and we follow it… Doesn’t have to be rigorous one.. even a simple one will do… go jogging.. That’s it… And also Nutrition.. As much as we want to avoid it… food makes us… No battles are won on an empty stomach.. So eat, pray, love is alright but exercise your ass off. Make nutrition and fitness extra meaningful in your everyday life.

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