8 Winter Care Tips to fight Dry Skin should come with warning signs… Beware chilly winds…. Icy temps….Dry skin…. Dull hair….These harsh winters right!!! Our skin responds to it the same as our hearts… Whenever I feel the icy air on the tip of my nose… I want to yell Noooooooo…..If I could; I would take one of those light sabers to fight the chilly winds outside. Cold temps make my skin flaky, itchy and taut. The dry and frigid air inside makes your skin more parched. Your skin’s protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself. It becomes a vicious cycle unless you do something to prevent it—or treat it fast.

So go extra mile this winter to pamper and cherish your skin… You can try following things here

  1. Moisturize more: This is mandatory. Find an oil based moisturizer, one which suits your skin. Not water based, please keep in mind. Oil based cream forms protective layers that retain skin moisture. Also avoid pre clogging greasy creams.
  2. Your Pal Sunscreen: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and your hands (if they’re exposed) about 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply frequently if you stay outside a long time.
  3. Winterize your hands: It is tough to take care of hands in winter since it has thinner skin and are harder to moist. So first of, wear gloves when you are outside. Use hand lotions to moisturize. Increase the use of sanitizers instead of soaps.
  4. Heal the cracked heels: Use foot lotions containing petroleum jelly or glycerin.
  5. Warm Immerse: Use warm water for bathing, instead of very hot water. Hot water tends to break lipids barriers in the skin causing skin to lose moisture.
  6. Honey Honey: To soften elbow and knee dry patches, use scrub made of honey and sugar.
  7. Soaking Wet: Avoid wet clothes, at all cost.
  8. Water is life: Literally for your health and your skin. So hydrate regularly.

Make your skin and yourselves happy this winter… Cheers!!!

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