Hand & Foot Care in Winter – #HandCare #FootCare I really look forward to the winter season. It gives me a good reason to buy lovely colorful sweaters, socks, coffee, dry fruit and curling up by the heater. But with everything good, sadly winter season comes with dehydrated skin too.

In winter, when tucked into thick socks, boots, and gloves, the hands and feet really need more attention than ever. In the cold harsh months of winter, many can feel their hands looking dull, thirsty and troubled because of the weather. Not only will the cold air blast our skin when outside but the heating that you put on in your homes will dry your skin.

So to cheer myself up and bring a little winter glow to my hands and feet I like to do following things, maybe you should try them too.

  1. Goodbye dead skin: Use a filer or a pumice stone and use when your feet are dry, not wet. Wet feet can become sore.
  2. Hand and foot bath: Try essential oils, added to your bathwater. Only a couple of drops!  Peppermint will cool down hot, aching feet; tea-tree is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will help to treat any nasty fungal infections while rosemary oil will help to warm cold feet and with circulation.
  3. Scrub Dab: Use a foot scrub weekly to stimulate circulation and make your feet soft and smooth.
  4. Care for your toenails.Trim, paint them and keep them clean.
  5. Glove it up: Wear gloves as much as possible, wear gloves outside, while you are travelling, wear them inside while doing household work.
  6. Moisturize Always: Several times a day, use a natural hand cream or, better moisturize using butter creams. Always use a moisturizer on your hands and feet after a bath or shower, paying particular attention to any very dry areas. For super soft feet; once a week at bedtime, apply moisturizer, follow with your favorite body oil, cover with some cotton socks and wear overnight.
  7. Home-made hand masks: A few drops of lemon juice applied to your hands after washing is a good way to add moisture and vital vitamins to the skin and restore its pH balance.

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