Winter Office Wear

winter-wear-in-office – So I came across an age old question yesterday. Does it really matter how you dress? If you’re a decent person generally, shouldn’t people realize it and not judge you based on your clothes and looks?
I found out the answer pretty soon. People look and they definitely judge. Each one of us gives an imaginary nod or grunt in our heads to whoever wearing whatever dress. Some like our dress, some love it others loathe it, those with enough time and will power, may come to you and offer you some fashion advice. Whether you’re walking down the street or sitting in a business meeting; people are constantly looking at what you’re wearing.
Speaking of business meetings, don’t we women already face a tough time in corporate world and world in general? Lower wages, lesser respect for our work.. And I can go on all day. But you know all that. So what can we do so as not be judged based on what we wear? I know you’re super busy, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of wintry work outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence for you. These outfit ideas will have you looking chic and cozy all season long. Of course, you definitely may need to tweak some depending upon your specific work environment and responsibilities.
• Chunky knit sweaters paired with pencil skirts are a cool winter trend. You can cover any potential bulkiness with a bow detail (or mid-width belt) at the waistline.
• Another winter trend to go with is a perfectly puffered super chic commuter coat with narrow panels and cinched waist.
• A sophisticated black, collarless coatdress always works for me.
• Go for slim cut suits, smart-casual blazers, Oxford shirts, wide or slim trousers, etc. Don’t make boring combinations, it’s better to try on simple and classy styles with some fun and bright details.
• You can also rock black & white ensemble with a bold plaid jacket. Go with black/white opaque tights to lengthen the leg line.

Take your winter career style to the next level, let the inspiration begin…
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