Aerobics – Lift your Mood, Mind and Hands – Sloth is a sin, Or so I have been told. Almost everybody deems themselves to be qualified enough these days, that they come to me and give me advice about losing weight (so I have put on a little holiday weight). How and why I should keep myself fit? Some are polite while others have threatened me of the big bad (the one who shall not be named). So why is that, I wonder? To speak formally, physical inactivity has been associated with the development of mental diseases including cognitive decline and mood disorders. In normal words if you stay ideal for long, your brain will slow down too. Yeah, laziness is a disease and I am sick. If you are at all like me, you surely have decided on what exercise routine you are going to follow this year. So all I know is that there is no one best exercise for everyone. The benefits to your heart are similar as long as the type of exercise satisfies some basic requirements and you get what you intend to get.

So this year I want to go for aerobics, bust out my favorite tunes and dance my breath off but in a systemic and controlled manner. Specific dance moves for all fatty body parts. Not random, arbitrary, casual dancing (that I love to do!).

Perform it for 30 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week.

If you want to know the specifics, here they are. Aerobics is a cardiovascular activity for stamina and endurance. It is like a dance workout which is done on music and helps tone your body and also improves flexibility. The moves are set to popular music and the exercises are combined with dance steps to help keep the movement going and keep one’s heart rate up. The intensity of the workout can vary from one class to the other depending on the fitness levels of the people working out. (You get to dance and lose weight…Cool right!)

While doing aerobics, the large muscles in the body such as the arms, legs and hips are in constant movement. Breathing becomes faster and maximizes the amount of oxygen in the blood. The heart starts beating faster which increases the blood flow to the muscles and to the back of the lungs. This reduces the risk of many conditions including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and types of cancer. 

Apart from physical benefits, it does wonder for your mental health with enhanced cognitive acuity. So I am completely convinced to go with it. I hope you are too.

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