11-jan-2016-Neuroscience – Today I get up early in the morning and finished my daily routine as usual as fast as possible so that I could get more time to spend with my children. Actually, my children are not as normal as we all are or may be maximum of us are! They all are very special because they are suffering from some or other form of nervous disorder and they are regular visitor of top and best neuro specialists.

Now is the time to disclose that I am working with an NGO, which takes care of such children who are suffering from nervous disorder and need neurology doctors on regular basis. Being a neurologist, I always come across people who have good looks, sharp mindand well maintained family but still they have some problem like sleep disorder, conversion disorders, panic disorder or depression.

Neurology is a branch of medicine focused on the study of treatment of nervous disorder. Nerves regulate the whole body activities and it deals with two types of disorders namely Central nervous system consisting of brain and spinal cord and second is peripheral nervous system which consist of neural elements like ears, skin, eyes and so on. Best neuro doctors or neurology doctors are well versed with all these forms of Neuropsychiatry in order to understand the links between neuroscience and behaviour.

Worlds top and best Neurologists are involved in the study of these nervous disorders and best team of neurosurgeons is usually involved if any case of surgery is referred to us.

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