13-jan-2016-body-massage & – After spending whole month in meeting with clients located at different places in city, my only motto of coming weekend is to take body massage completely combined with Body Scrub and Back Massage in order to get rid of dirt and pollution from my body and relief for my back pain.

Nowadays, there are so many number of female massage parlours which offers wide variety of treatment for body and mind relaxation. One of these relaxation technique is Deep tissue massage which is focused to put deep pressure on body and thus enabling body to release chronic muscle tension. This primarily restore stable upright posture, lessen the body pain and improves the limit of motion in body. However, Swedish massage is quite similar to deep tissue massage and the only difference being that it uses lesser stroke but much firmed and pressured.

Once I am in Spa for my whole week wellness treatment then my prime concentration is on relieving my mind from all the pain and exhaustion and gain calmness for my mind. Actually spa allows me to restore my body and mind for next few days of tiring work and travelling. So, plan now your date for Ayurvedic spa to rejuvenate your body! 

The benefit of regular spa treatment shows on my body as it is very suppled and nourished. Now, it is completely up to you to decide which spa type will suit your body. But if your work is very tiring kind of, and you need relax then opting for Ayurveda Spa is the right choice! Option of Thai Spa can also be included in list when you are on the spree to decide which one you need to opt.

My list of spa services does not end here and it goes to extend for Foot Spa & Body wraps and then finally comes to body Polish. For busy urbanites like me spa is the answer to much need “me” time and recharge, relax and re-energise with natural oil extracts of aromatherapy. Try it now! Spa Massage is really awesome!

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