Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage – Helps in Relieving Muscle Pain

19-jan-2016-spa – Fed up of routine excessive back pain and body pain after travelling! Swedish massage is the first thought that comes to my mind whenever I find myself stressed in between of regular travelling work schedule and muscle pain caused from this. Actually this was my choice to join the work profile of writing travel experiences in a popular travel related magazine.

Travelling has always been my hobby and I enjoy exploring new venues and visiting historical monuments. But after working for few months, I started feeling very tired and also muscle pain was increasing day by day then on the suggestion of a friend a took my first service of Deep Tissue Massage. My experience was just overwhelming as I felt very calm and soothing effect on my body muscle after body scrub and aroma oil massage used in Deep tissue massage.

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are almost similar with the difference that range of pressure applied is more in deep tissue massage. Swedish massage is a technique for relaxation of whole body and it is extremelygood for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood by applying pressure in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart, reducing muscle toxins, improving circulation and increasing flexibility with easing tension in body muscles.

Due to excess pressure applied in deep tissue massage, people prefer to opt for Swedish massage. But my favourite is deep tissue massage as I am one who prefer complete relaxation with deep pressure to release tension in body muscles. Both these type of massage involves the use of hands, forearms and elbows to influence the superficial layers of body muscles in order to improve mental and physical health and decrease stress. Now if you need perfect solution of recovering speedily from muscle injury and illness and seek relaxing of nervous system then nothing can be better than Swedish massage!

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