#REDUCEFATIGUEANDRELEASEMUSCLESPAINBYSPORTSMASSAGETOIMPROVEPERFORMANCE & massage is meant to prepare athletes for their improved performance. The purpose of sports massage services is not just treatment for injuries, as well as it offers very good physical and psychological benefits. It reduces fatigues and relieves muscles pain, thus preparing athletes for their best performance on field.

Sports message therapy is a technique of massage performed aesthetically as to help body in releasing muscle pain and to restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, prevent further injuries and loss of mobility and boost energy. This is also called as massage for athletes because of its wide range of benefits availed by athletes. Massage affects the cardiovascular system and dilates blood vessels thus enabling it to work more efficiently in increasing blood circulation which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and stimulates the removal of waste products and toxins.

The most important benefits of sports massage therapy include increase blood circulation which helps to release muscle tension, lowering level of body soreness and increased rate of recovery from injury and the relaxed muscles provides an increase in range of motion and flexibility. Basic sports massage technique is divided into five categories which includes stroking, petrissage, deep transverse friction, tapotement, and acupressure massage. Different amount of stroking is used for different body parts, some important variation of stroking in sports injuries are pressure variations, the hand-over-hand method, and the cross-body method. Pressure variations range from very light to deep and vigorous stroking. The purpose of petrissage sports massage is to stretch the underlying tissue, develop friction in the area and increase circulation around the joint. Depending upon the requirements of athletes the variations of massage therapy for athletes are used such as those who needs rapid movement like quivering resort of vibration sports massage and it is used specially to relax and calm body parts. Now is your turn to take a sports massage and give your body wings to run and fly!

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