#PEDICUREBEAUTYTREATMENTFORRELAXEDANDBEAUTIFULFOOT | – Clean and healthy looking nails shows caring and well managed side of females. If you are careful for your personality then definitely getting pedicure and manicure for at least once in every twenty days must be in your regular regime. Women in field job are supposed to take extra care of their hand and foot because these are most exposed part of body while walking on road or travelling. In such situations you need to take extra care for hand and foot nails and for that you can take manicure and pedicure at home. For this you need few things like moisturising cream, file,cuticle pusher,pumice stone, nail brush, loofah, nail cleaner, nail cutter, acetone, herbal shampoo, tub of hot water and towels to wipe water. Now, you just need to follow these few steps-

  1. Cleaning, cutting and filing nails as per shape and required length
  2. Massaging with cream and dip into tub of hot soapy water
  3. When nails an skin gets softened, clean nails and heels of foot with the help of brush and use pumice stone to remove dead skin, clean nails using nail cleaner an cuticle pusher
  4. You can also use tan removal cream to remove tanning on foot
  5. Finally use loofah to smoothen dead skin and then massage gently using cream and after massaging well, wipe off with hot towel and your Pedicure beauty treatment for Feet is done!

If you feel like shortage of time then the best option to clean you’re hand and foot is to get manicure and pedicure at pool. While bathing in pool, makes hand and foot nails soft and so it becomes easy to remove dead skin and cuticles without any soaking in hot tub.Of course, getting a pedicure beauty treatment for nails will not keep your foot soft and clean always unless you maintain your skin at home. Hence, always use a pumice stone regularly in the shower to remove dead skin, apply lotion right after bathing so that the emollient can seal in moisture, and rub cuticle oil into your cuticles and across the tops of your nails to keep up that healthy glowing toes and heels.

Pedicurebeauty treatment forheel allows ladies to show off their glowing and healthy heels without hiding anything. Ladies can wear their favourite high heels at any occasion if scrub down the calluses on the heel and ball of your foot. Manicure and pedicure service providers are very adept in removing dead skin and pushing back cuticles.  Read More…. |


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