#EMBROIDERYANDDESIGNINGTOMAKEYOURLOOKSIMPRESSIVE  | – Very often you must have heard that first impression is the last impression and your clothes play an important role in it! Well fitted and properly designed clothes make your look more impressive! Embroidery and designing is an important aspect of clothes when it comes to finalise clothing look, style and pattern. Service Provider of Designing Services and Embroidery Services are usually aware of modern day designing work an accordingly they offer you designing pattern which suits you as well as are in trend.

Embroidery is done using thread and needle to decorate fabric like silk and cotton.Embroidery and designing is the way of beautifying clothes. The work of embroidery on clothes dates to ancient ages of Moghul Empire in India. They people were very artistic and they used to wear clothes with heavy embellishment done with thread yarn, stones, shimmering glitters, gold and silver and many other materials. The hand embroidery service is based on some common stitching technique followed in all types of embroidery designing work and it is high on cost as compared to machine embroidery.Some of commonly used stitches in embroidery are chain, feather, french knot, couching, x-shaped stiches and solid lines.

Nowadays, most of the embroidery services are done with the help of contemporary embroidery machines. This embroidery is stitched differently than hand embroidery and it has its own category. Machines use two threads – embroidery on top and thinner bobbin thread on the bottom. While machines do straight stitching that is similar to hand embroidery, they have different methods of satin stitching, chain stitching, and buttonhole stitching. Though machinery embroidery looks very fine but it does not show the uniqueness of hand embroidery.

Ladies prefer for embroidery designing services on Lehenga, kurta, suits, salwar and choli. Different designs pattern are embellished on different types of clothes like in salwar, embroidery is done mostly on bottoms and in choli designing is required on neck line and sleeves. In India, there are large numbers of embroidery designing and B2B and B2C service providers who are adept in designing clothes with heavy embroidery work and also understand market trends. So, next time you go for stitching of your salwar suit of Lehenga, first make sure that designing and embroidery is of utmost quality to show off your style! Read More… |


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