#YOGATOENLIGHTENMENTALCONSCIOUSNESSANDPHYSICALWELLNESS | – Want to stay healthy, practice yoga every morning! Yoga is a practice of enlightening and reviving physical, mental and spiritual well-being.This is a very age old practice and lets you awaken the mental consciousness along with universal consciousness.

Though many people think yoga poses are merely physical exercises which include stretch, breathe and body twist and turn. But the fact, which I felt is that unless you practice yoga, you can not exactly understand what yoga is! Before I started yoga, I used to think that yoga pose is just like other yoga exercise for weight loss which people indulge in to gain physical fitness or to lose weight because till then I have only seen people doing basic yoga poses and breathing exercise. Finally, when I joined yoga center which was well known for yoga training and they had various yoga packages like yoga for beginners, yoga for teens and even they used to teach yoga pose depending upon individual requirements such as yoga for back pain.

During my yoga sessions, I felt that yoga is not just an exercise tool, rather yoga is in itself the complete essence of living life peacefully and healthy and it is a secret of feeling huge sense of happiness. Yoga types like karma yoga and bhakti yoga is a holistic way of living life made from linking all fundamentals of ancient knowledge to make prayerful discipline uniting the body, mind and soul. Yoga exercises are beneficial in various physical problems like diabetes, cervical, obesity and yoga for arthritis relieves joint pain.

Breathing technique best known as Pranayama and meditation as Dhyaan are main part of yoga. Pranayama is done with various yoga asanasand yoga for health lets you understand that when you have peace within then the whole life journey becomes calmers and joyful. Pregnant women practice yoga for pregnancy. A classic Sanskrit script on hath yoga is Hatha Yoga Pradipika which is very powerful living manuscripts.

You can even learn various yoga asanas from online Yoga videos which feature yoga workouts and easy yoga poses as well as contain information on yoga for beginners online. Nowadays, finding yoga classes near me has become easier as baba ramdev yoga has become very popular among people. The most well-known types of yoga include raja yoga, tantrayog and jnana yoga. Practice yoga now to attain peace of mind and body!  More… |


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