Have a look at the 12 Amazing Ways to Lose Weight


#HAVEALOOKATTHE12AMAZINGWAYSTOLOSEWEIGHT | – Dieting, weight lifting or running might not be everyone’s choice when it comes to shedding kilos. All of them can be really stressful. So why not should one stick to appetite rather than ditching it? This article mainly tells you about some tasty ways to lose weight. Yes, tasty, because you will not have to spend hours in a stinking gym, nor opting for a starving die!

1. Plate shade – Have you ever wondered why most of our special dining cutlery is white in color? It is because the cooked veggies served on a white plate do not have a high contrast and our eater is unable to judge the amount of serving he eats, ending up eating more. But that should be done to entreat the guests. As for us, it would be better to switch those white plates with a darker shade of green or blue to know the serving size. You will naturally take the lesser amount of serving.

2. Plate size – research studies provide evidence of reduced appetites when the plate size was decreased. Not only you take lesser food but if you merely reduce the plate size by two inches then you can lose around 18 pounds a year.

3. Tea working miracles – if you are one of those who look for a seething sweetened cup of tea for every a headache, every morning/ evening, or any other energy booster then it is time to swap it with green tea. A green tea can contain 100- 300 mg of flavonoids per serving, which boosts calorie burn, also catechins function as anti-oxidants which prevents weight gain. Green tea, mint tea, oblong tea, white tea, all of these are storehouses of fat burning polyphenols.

4. Refreshing drinks – if tea is not your thing then many other drinks are available which have the extremely low-calorie count. A spicy carrot kanji or tender coconut water is extremely low in calorie but high in refreshing capacity. They are full of electrolytes or rich in specific nutrients but contain less than 25 calories per glass.

5. Using hand formula – many prefer to eat with knife and fork, spoons instead of bare hands, mainly citing hygiene as the reason. However, the philosophy of eating with hands is one that facilitates lesser eating. When we do not use our hands, one of the five senses remains unsatiated, i.e. skin. Therefore eating with hands will lead to a full sensory satisfaction, giving you a full tummy feeling earlier than you thought.

6. Eat heavy breakfast and light dinner – one of the biggest reasons behind the conversion of calories into fat is missing or eating a light breakfast. It is so because there is a huge time lap between the dinner and next morning’s food intake while there is hardly a gap of three hours in other intakes. So we generally starve our stomach at night and it becomes important to nourish it properly during the day. Not just it compensates the missing energy but also increases our metabolism for the rest of the day.

7. Milk instead of milk products – soy milk or cow’s milk has around 85-130 calories while milk product such as khoya has around 450 calories. Other variants of milk are also available which are low in calories like tonnes or skimmed milk but they are relatively low in nutritional value.

8. Eggs for weight loss – as already said, breakfast should be heavy. Eating eggs for breakfast can be of great help. The egg is a great source of nutrients and energy but has barely 85 calories. Not just are they a vital part of a balanced diet but also prevents in overeating if taken in breakfast.

9. Eat at frequent intervals – do not gorge yourself at once after a long interval, but go for eating smaller portions of food at frequent intervals. This would enable you to control your hunger and appetite.

10. Drink plenty of water – one way to reduce weight is to drink 9 to 12 glasses of water daily. This will not just save you from dehydration but also confuse your body. Keeping your belly full with water will do the trick if you are getting unnecessarily hungry. Another way can be to add flavor to your drink by drinking fruit juice with no added sugars.

11. Eat soup- broth based soups which have around 100- 150 calories per serving can be very useful. Soups can keep your stomach full for a long time, thus avoiding frequent hunger bouts.

12. Switch ingredients – a simpler way of reducing calorie intake would be switching the ingredients with low-calorie one. Like a soft taco with pork or steak would have around 130 calories while a vegetarian taco would have just 90. Choosing a hard taco over soft would have 40 calories less. More… |


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