#NAILARTDESIGNSANDIDEASFORBEAUTIFULNAILS | – Nail art is getting quite popular among girls. After clothes, shoes and hair styles, its nail art colours which girl’s changes every day to complete their look. If you are also one of those fed up of one type of nail art then I have few nail art styles which you can try very easily at home. Actually nail art and salons is a sort of creativity and you just need to use your imagination and creative mind to design different art forms. Here, I am sharing some of my quality nail art –

  1. Take your brush and create a multi-coloured striped pattern. For this, first paint your nailswith white paint and thereafter take contrasting shades like green and blue, yellow and reddraw a horizontal line across your nail. You should start drawing at the base of your nail and then build up on the stripes using brushes of varying width to finish the pattern.
  1. Paint your nails in any colour paint like gold, black or white. When it gets dry then take golden or black marker make any design on your nails like place simple golden hearts or dots on all. Once you are done with nail paint, run a layer of top coat over the nails to prevent the paint from getting smudged.
  1. Paint your nails with the base colour like blue, brown or pink. When it gets dry, pastecrosswisetape across a part of nail and then paints the open part of nail over the tape with a contrasting colour. After this, remove the tape and let the second colour coat dry. You can repeat the process with another colour in different section of the nails one by one after paint dries. This nail art for all is simple and easy to try.
  1. Paint your nail with light colours base coat and after it has tried, dab any shade pastel nail paints on the nail then wrap the nail in a plastic and tease the plastic over the nail. With tease of plastic the colours will smudge into each other then remove the plastic gently and let the nail dry and finally put top coat on quality nail art.

You are not supposed to be a nail art designer to apply these beautiful and unique nail art designs! Simply take out your nail colours and try these amazing nail art designs and ideas to flaunt beautiful nail!

You can search various easy and cheap nail art online to get the best one suitable as per your mood and occasion. Various fuck yeah nail art lets you create your own style for every occasion. Getting nail art kit prices in India is easier through online search and comparison of prices over there. Read More – |

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