#INDIASMOSTAFFABLEETHNICWEARFROCK  |! This used to be my favourite dress in my childhood. Even today whenever I get the chance to transform myself into a beautiful diva I prefer to wear frock. Do you remember one of your favourite frocks which you always preferred to wear on every occasion? Yes! I know you must have one such frock. Ladies Frocks are very diverse in range, colour and material of clothing and even depending upon the occasion the embroidery and deigning of frocks varies.

The list of women’s wear in India is very long and descriptive. Here, people of different regions follow different dress styles. Frock is one of the women dresses worn in the area of eastern region. There are various styles in frock designs like frills at bottom of frock, A-line frock and kalidar frock. Along with different frock stitching styles in frock, you can also add designing like embroidery and patterns.

An Indian dress comes in great variety in terms of weaves, material, fibres and colours. Women’s fashion keeps on changing with changes in season. In winter, pair of boots with denim and swing coat is the first choice of women. Whilst in summer this glam look is changed into ultra slim wear with a pair of slippers matched with foamy chiffon dress party frock.

Women frock dress is designed by almost all the ladies dress designer in India and Delhi NCR. Ladies tailors are very expert in stitching frocks and they prepare fancy anarkali frock dress for women embellished with laces, embroidery and beautiful patterns.  So now, if you wish to relive your childhood or wish to makeover your complete look then why not to try frock and frill women’s clothing in variety of colours and clothing! Read More…  and


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