#THAIMASSAGEARTOFHEALINGART & – Thai massage, an exclusive form of body therapy, developed years ago by the massage therapists is an authentic art of healing body illness and to maintain bodily and mental well-being. Thai massage in India is a therapeutic combination of yoga stretching with calmness of acupressure and exercise movements of reflexology which makes it complete healing massage.

Sawadee Thai Massage is a traditional way of Thai massage based on Ayurveda poses.For this massage you are positioned in various poses to put rhythmic pressure on body in order to enhance the flow of blood and so as to rejuvenate and energise the body. Thai yoga therapy training is very useful in relieving your stress from muscles and joints and also boosts immunity of body. During massage therapy chair it is not just hands that are used to free tension stored in the recipient’s body, but the feet and elbows are used as well.

At sabai thai massage you are going to feel that Thai bodywork is designed very gently, non-invasive and suits to all type of body and specially it improves athletic performance, corrects body alignments and also detoxifies body. If you wish to delay or slow your aging process then just book a sitting on shiatsu massage chair and enjoy relaxing Thai massage. In ladies massage parlours or spa centres the variety of comfortable massage therapy chairs is quite noticeable nowadays.

Now is the time to get a comfy Thai massage to relax your muscles, increase muscle flexibility and increase body mobility!

Physical Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Help detoxification of the body and boost immune system
    • Increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure
    • Good for muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles, increase mobility 
    • Improve breathing 
    • Improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blockages 
    • Improves athletic performance 
    • Help arthritis and back pain, 
    • Help tone the body, strengthen joints and fight diseases, including chronic joint    problems 
    • Prevents illnesses and alleviates degenerative diseases 
    • Slows the aging process

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Improve your outlook towards life; builds an emotional balance
    • Help with concentration and creativity/ Mind and body concentration
    • Clear and calm your mind 
    • Help you gain mental clarity

Psychological effects of Thai Massage

  • Reduce and relieve stress and anxiety
    • Help people boost their inner energy levels
    • Develop discipline and self-control 
    • Achieve better health, increases health and vitality. 
    • Raise the energy level and stamina 
    • Build internal power (and creates a natural confidence) 

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