The Benefits of Holistic Treatments


#THEBENEFITSOFHOLISTICTREATMENTS | – Modern medicine has evolved into more discoveries of new drugs and new forms of treatment to cure diseases. These are the conventional methods to give relief and to cure illness that are generally applied to most people. However, another kind of treatment has given rise to a more realistic approach to cure illness – the holistic way which is a kind of treatment that would go back to the basic roots of the cause of the illness and the person’s whole being as an important part of this treatment.

Holistic treatment is defined as more of an approach rather than a treatment; it focuses on the person’s whole being – his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness that need to be addressed. The holistic treatment is into more of the lifestyle of the person and identifies the imbalances which may cause some negative effects to the person’s health.

It focuses on the root cause of the disease and the goal is to eliminate the disease by encouraging the person to strive for wholeness and healthy living.

The benefits of holistic treatments are:

  • Quicker relief for pain
  • Improvement of overall general health
  • Understanding the need for a well-balanced lifestyle
  • Awareness of keeping environment safe and healthy
  • Use of more natural resources – natural herbs and medicines
  • Application of more natural methods to cure illness such as proper nutrition, exercise, detoxification and other natural non-invasive treatments.

The holistic treatment has benefited illnesses like ovarian cancer wherein most women treated thru this way experienced lesser pain, general improvement of health, reduced growth of cysts and totally eliminating the cancer. Another benefit of holistic treatment is the improvement of eye health particularly those suffering from Glaucoma. This treatment focused on natural medicines combined with eye exercises, healthy eating habits, taking natural vitamin supplements and stress relieving exercises like yoga, meditation and self-relaxing exercises. It is believed that by applying the holistic treatment the prevention of eye disease would be more effective.

The holistic treatment has also benefited the drug rehabilitation program by incorporating the holistic approach to do treatment. All the possible causes of the addiction are properly addressed with the help of doctors and others who provide the care for recovering addicts. Included in this treatment are more recreational therapies, proper nutrition with the use of natural herbs, regular stress-relieving exercises and spiritual counseling. The use of synthetic medicines for calming those in the rehab is avoided as much as possible because they need to clear the body of toxins is already enforced by using more natural methods.

The holistic treatment has also benefited pet care. Most pet owners are now into holistic ways in taking care of their pets. The practice of giving good nutritious foods to the pet, proper exercise, natural vitamin supplements and massage are recommended to keep pets healthy. Treatment like acupuncture is done instead of injections.

The holistic treatments can be combined with the conventional methods if circumstances allow so, especially if the goal is to totally cure and eliminate illness.

Holistic Mantra is a place in the lap of Himalya to provide a complete healing solution to body, mind & soul. The natural to body, mind and soul. The natural power of Naturopathy, herbal power of Ayurveda & the spiritual healing of Yoga combines taogether with natural surroundings of Himalaya to give you a complete healing experiences. Holistic Mantra is managed by the experienced Naturopath and Ayurveda Doctors so that each and every therapeutic part can be taken care. Best part of this place is its surrounding, it is located in the campus of Resort at the bank of Khurpatal Lake in district Nainital a well-known tourist destination in Uttrakhand. Our aim is to provide a complete healing soluation to individual corporate groups, kids group through Ayrveda, Naturopath & Yoga. Resort is only Resort in whole Gerhwal Region where having facilities of complete heath solution in newly opened Ayurveda Spa The Holistic Mantra, where offers some very attractive package for Yoga, Mediation, Stress Management Program & Complete Ayurveda Spa Solution.

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Resort is only Resort in whole Gerhwal Region where having facilities of complete heath solution in newly opened Ayurveda Spa The Holistic Mantra, where offers some very attractive package for Yoga, Mediation, Stress Management Program & Complete Ayurveda Spa Solution.

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