Hair Color Trends to Follow this Year, #HairColour, #HairColoring, #HomeHairColour, #HairDyeandColourants, #PermanentHairColourandDye, #PermanentandSemiPermanentHairDye

Wearing the same hair everyday in the same way sometimes can get a little boring. So what do we do, we change parting, we let it down, we put it up, we tie it, braid it and if we feel courageous we even try a little haircut. But we can’t keep cutting hair whenever we want, what we can try is hair coloring. Just a flick, on the ends, just a patch or let our creative juices flow. Hair dye or home hair colour can be used any way one wishes. I have noticed that people are somewhat unsure about coloring their hair, and its damaging effects. Although those who have had their hair colored, are big fans, whether its permanent hair colour or semi permanent hair dye color. Lots of hair colors are new this season. Apart from classic colors like blonde, brunette, red, brown and black, now one sees a mix match of colors.

Newest and most popular color of the season is denim hair colour, followed by rose gold, metallic silver & Bronde.

Denim Hair: It’s a very beautiful blend of soft blues, very light greens and grays. Resembling the ever young jeans color, this trend is very much in vogue. Just like the jeans it pretty much goes with every skin shade and for every occasion. It has a soft appearance as well as a trend setter.

Rose gold: It’s a new spin on blonde, with shiny details without giving it dark appearance. It’s very versatile as it works for both darker and lighter shades.

Metallic Silver: One of the most laudable hair color trends, it gave a very interesting twist to the granny white hair. It’s a work around on the loud and deep metallic color with cool tones, pastel influences, and warm finishes.

Bronde: somewhere between blonde and brunette, this really has become the first choice of celebs and youth alike. Giving a sophisticated and a simple look all at once, this color has been a world favorite.

So, what shade are you getting? Try getting the most fun hair colors; it’ll cheer you up every time you see it. Also might give you the opportunity to become a trend icon.

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