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Salwar kameez is one of the most preferred Indian ethnic wear, followed by saree. It’s a more popular with women and finds a place above saree as it is easier to carry. Earlier this was localized mainly in north and north-eastern India, but with passing time it has made its special place in hearts of most women.

Salwar Kameez consists of loose trousers narrowed at the bottom (salwar) and a tunic top (kameez). Women generally wear a dupatta/scarf to cover the head and shoulders and are drawn over the bosom. The dress is most popular with teenage and unmarried women. Celebrities are often spotted wearing it, thus making it a fashion statement.

One needs to set the length of the kameez according to her choice and body requirements. Long length kameez do look good but not with salwar, they can be worn with leggings. The short length kameez can be worn with Patiala salwar or even jeans. The right length of the kameez is right below the knee. Material of the salwar suits defines a lot of your look. Cotton and chiffon stick to the body, thereby making the body look slim. This works great for hiding flab. Other fabrics like net and silk tend to give a fuller effect. The one with slim bodies should wear that.

All kinds of sleeve are in fashion right now. No sleeves, short, quarter and full length sleeves can be worn depending upon the fabric and salwar type. The kind of embroidery and print also play a decisive part in the type of sleeves. Dark colors like maroon, blue and green help you look slimmer and smart. But don’t go for extra dark colors if you have a dark complexion. Pastel colors like peach, aqua and soft green look really appeasing on slim women with fair complexion. Just figure out which color makes you look better and wear that.

There are a number of styles of Salwar Kameez available these days like A shaped suits, asymmetrical, Chinese and so on. Choose the right one that would go by your body type. What’s trendy might not make you look good. So, take a moment and analyze what’s good for you and what not.

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