Importance of Saree Fall and Pico

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Saree is one of women’s most desired ethnic wear in India. It enjoys a superlative importance in our culture, as it is often worn on occasions and festivals. But that’s just not it; it is also a very common office formal wear, party wear and daily casual wear. When we buy saree, we often pay a lot of attention to its material, color design and embroidery. Standard practice after buying a saree is having its fall and pico done. Fall is a rectangular piece of cloth that is sewn at the bottom of the saree from the inside. We select a fall that matches the border of the saree.  For light color saree it is preferred to select fall which matches the color of the saree. The color of your fall cannot appear through your saree in any way. The color of the thread with which the stitching will be done also matters. Selecting the thread color depends upon the place where the stitches fall. Fall needs to be prepared before it can be placed on the saree; it needs to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes. It then should be washed, dried and ironed. This fall can be stitched by a machine or by a hand. Lower edge of the sari is stitched with small running stitches adding back stitches in-between. Daily ware sari is can be stitched by machine with zig- zag stitch.

Fall should be put on the saree as it prevents tearing, adds volume to the bottom, pleats come well, and protects the saree bottom. Earlier cotton broader falls that gave more stiffness to allow the saree to stand better when starched were used but these days the length is almost same for both cotton and synthetic falls.
For saree edging you can fold and stitch, that is the regular edge. You can get a pico edging, or you can get the tailor to rip a few lines and get tassels which looks good on handloom sarees.

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