Hair Smoothening or Hair Straightening: The Better Way to Setting It Straight

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Hair smoothing primarily is a hair care treatment that leaves hair smoother and silkier than before without changing the natural hair type. It is mostly just an alignment technique. If you have dull hair with split ends and want to make them manageable, this is the perfect option. Both natural and cosmetic ways offer the same results of making your hair straight. Hair straightening is primarily a styling method that also untangles unruly locks. There are many natural products and ways to straighten your hair, but cosmetic hair straightening treatments seem to be more in demand. This treatment not only makes your hair more manageable, but it also gives you the much desired straight hair look. When hair care is the topic, one of the most discussed issues is hair smoothing vs. hair straightening. Which is the better option? Hair experts put hair smoothing ahead of hair straightening in some cases. This is simply a call taken on what is the end result you seek. If you’re looking to just improve the texture and look of your hair without changing your natural hair type, then smoothing is the choice that they will suggest.

Hair straightening requires the use chemicals as it is not easy to change the ways of your natural hair. If you have curls, then the bonds need to be broken and reset to straight which means the use of both chemicals and heat. And that definitely spells a certain amount of hair damage. And if you can treat your hair to a better condition without damaging it further, then why not? This is a process that will be recommended to you if your main aim is to have straight hair along with the prospect having manageable hair. When you keep smoothing your hair then over a period of time, your curls will become waves but the chances of it going straight are very poor.  This is a result that only straightening can give you. This is the difference between straightening and smoothing. And this is where hair straightening beats hair smoothing. The salon process works like this: After a deep-cleansing shampoo, a stylist applies a straightening solution to the hair. Next, he blow-dries the hair straight and meticulously flat-irons it at a high temperature. That creates a waterproof seal that helps hair strands maintain their new shape for three to six months. Effects of smoothening are better when it is done on thin hair, than thick locks. Though most of them walk in to get their hair straightened, when informed about the end-results of smoothening, they would not hesitate to experiment and invest in smoothening.

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