Skirt Styles That Every Women Love

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In the pool of western attires, skirt is probably the most feminine apparel followed by dresses. Skirts are by far the only thing that hasn’t found its unisex adaptability. When out for shopping, we have a diverse range of skirts available; starting from front button skirts in denim or suede, Miniskirts, a lines skirts, printed skirts, pleated skirts, maxi skirts, midi skirts, leather skirts. Skirts can be paired with almost everything, with loose and flowy patterns you can match up a crop top or skin touch blouse. Skirts do tend to have a sexy retro spin to them. There is only one downside to the this gentle tidal wave that is the skirt, that is not every body shape or body curve can casually pull off the minis and midis. If you are showing too much leg then you need to make sure that those legs are toned. Heavier waist cannot carry miniskirts and denim skirts as effortlessly as others can. Here are the four most popular categories of skirts that make news whenever worn.

Maxi Skirts – Not the latest trend but they can never seem to go away. They are best paired with tiny crop tops and fringe bags. Their most famous fabric is fluid and print. Necessary

Midi Skirts – Shorter than maxi skirts, these skirts tend to cover your keens. The length can be hemmed a few centimeters. Midi skirts are available in every possible fabric, color, trend, cut and skirt style. This is the most popular amongst the ladies as it neither shows much leg nor does cover unnecessarily.  So, whatever it is, a pleated skirt, a denim skirt, a see-through, a suede, pencil, full – as long as it’s midi length, over-the knee-hem you’re good to go.

Printed Skirts – the graphic style, bright shadowed, floral and other such trends are heavily in. A line, pleated and fringed printed skirts are very much in fashion right now.

Slit Skirts – this is the class act of being sexy effortlessly. The slit can be a small one, ending right up at the knee, or the one ranging to the middle of the skirt, or a more high on the thigh, ultra-hot feminine slit. It is feminine, retro, classy, chic, sophisticated and easy. A subtle slit is very popular among the office formals too. It goes greatly with a jacket.

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