Plastic Surgery – Limit to Looking Good


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Looks are an important part of one’s personality. It is also the one aspect of us that we take care of most impulsively.  We take our time to decide everything, our hairstyles, our clothes, makeup we put on and when everything is said and done, most of us remain unhappy with our personality. Our body shape, either we are too fat, too slim, too short, too tall really just a combination of these, it all impacts our way of viewing ourselves. Women are majorly affected by this, hence the grand popularity of plastic surgeries.

Originally the science of plastic surgery was developed for those who had been in some kind of accidents or who have had skin disfigurations. Plastic surgery wasn’t supposed to be a part of beautification, it evolved to serve the needs of burn victims and several others. These days different kinds of surgeries for e.g.  Cheek implant, lip augmentation, face lift, chin lift, neck lift, breast implants, liposuction etc are popular with females.

The decision to have a plastic surgery should be one’s own, not because everybody else is doing it, not because it is the cool thing to do, not for any other irrational reasons, one should do it if you feel it is the right thing to do. It is your choice and you have to be completely comfortable with it. It is irreversible in nature, so once done, you are gonna have to live with it.

Not to encourage plastic surgery but to decline it of the taboo status, the answer to the most sought out question why she would do plastic surgery? It is like asking someone why she would want to go for advanced education, to better her. Why give another reason? If you can look better, why wouldn’t you want to look better? And do everything that you could to see yourselves better and feel great.

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