Jnana Yoga – The Path of Wisdom


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Janna yoga also known as Gyan yoga is the path of knowledge or wisdom. It it considered as one of the most difficult path of yoga as it requires great strength, intellect and will power. Jnana yoga can benefit you in many ways .It makes you open-minded, sensible and enlightened. The central goal of Jnana yoga is to set you free from the illusionary world of Maya and to attain unison of inner self and oneness of all life. This can be achieved through a process by practicing the mental technique of questioning, reflecting and self-illumination.

There are four stages of Janna yoga. The the first stage involves listening it is called the Saravanan .in this stage the guru teaches its students to correct the path .the guru teaches the path that has been mentioned in the Vedas while the students receive and comprehends the teaching of their guru. The second stage is called mananam which means remunerating the teachings of guru in your head. The the third stage is called the nididhyasana which means meditating .this stage involves  meditation by the student  as it helps in achieving the path of truth. The student meditates on the Brahman teaching of his guru and the reflections of his mind.

Jnana yoga is an age old concept in the world of yoga. You can find the existence of this practice since Vedic ages. However the same practice has been modified and has been practices over the years. Nevertheless the essence and objective of this yoga have not been faded. It is still considered to be the paramount way to achieve enlightenment.

Jnana Yoga involves three objectives – Viveka, Neti- Neti and Vicara. Viveka is the path of self-realization. It is a continuous process to of distinguishing between the real and the unreal, the permanent and the temporary. The second objective neti- neti- implies growing feeling of indifference towards the materialistic objects of life. One can achieve this one when the mind is fully free from all kinds of attachments of the world. The last objective Vicara .It is the process of self-realization and understanding oneself. By practicing jnana yoga one can attain the power to be wise and knowledgeable .the knowledge that makes a human being pride free and pure.


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