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Smoking – Harmful For Women’s Health

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Smoking among women is on the rise.Women comprises about 20% of the world’s smokers. Nearly 22 % of women in developed nations and 9% in developing nations smoke .India has the second largest community of women smokers after US. Recent surveys illustrate that women smoke in situations of difficulty and negative emotions while men smoke for pleasurable settings. They smoke to relax and relieve stress also to stay slim.

Smoking affects our lungs .In 2011 about 19700 women’s were diagnosed with lung cancer in UK. It is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in women .The number of women being diagnosed to lung cancer is going up, reason being women lungs are prone to lung cancer than men also,womens are more addicted to smoking. They have a higher rate of relapse.

Smoking can affect women’s health in many other ways, as Women’s health is quite complicated reason being – the female hormones, particular psychological status and problem related to life. It can be the cause of various risk factors for women’s health. It affects the functioning of ovaries decreases the female hormone estrogen. Decline in number of estrogen can cause serious health issues in women. Over the years doctors have discovered many facts about women’s health. We all know that smoking can cause serious problems to reproductive system of women’s. According to recent studies reduced adulatory response and fertlilsation may be weakened in women who smoke. Women who use birth control pill are at greater risk of reduced fertility and premature menopause and premature delivery.Menstual problem such as abnormal bleeding, amenorrhea are common problems among women who smoke.

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