Threading – The Future of Face-Lifts?

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Threading, a form of facial hair removal that’s an alternative to tweezing or waxing, involves twisting cotton thread together to pluck out hairs from the root. Threading is suitable for most people, but check that it is suitable for your skin before taking the plunge.


Threading is an ancient technique of facial hair removal which uses a cotton thread which is skillfully manipulated along the surface of the skin. It’s 100% natural and the most accurate way to shape eyebrows. For those who are imagining – no there are no needles involved, threading uses only a simple cotton thread.

Unlike any other techniques, threading is far superior and holds a very high respect around the world especially for facial hair for the following reasons.

ACCURACY – Threading can remove a line of hair with extreme precision or target a single hair amongst millions. This makes threading by far the most popular method for eyebrow shaping around the world. 

VERY GENTLE – Threading is globally considered as one of the most gentle hair removal techniques. Threading does not damage or affect the skin of the treated area and lifts the hair from the very base, largely minimizing pain. Threading is natural and gentle, making it suitable for all skin types. 

EFFECTIVE – Threading removes all the hair (the very fine and the thick stubborn hair) right from the follicle and the results are even better than waxing. 

LONG LASTING – Simply because threading removes a lot more hair than even waxing and ensures all hair is removed, including the finest hair from the follicle. Threading ensures longer lasting results and reduces hair in its quality and quantity, making it extremely suitable for all types of facial hair. 

SAFE AND HYGIENIC – Threading utilizes a brand new piece of thread every time. 

Disadvantages to Eyebrow Threading


(1). Depending on the threader’s skill and your skin’s sensitivity, eyebrow threading may be a painful experience. Eyebrow threading involves using thin cotton thread that is twisted into a double strand. This double strand is used to pull the hair from the hair follicle. Several hairs can be pulled out with one roll of the thread. If you have very thick eyebrows, eyebrow threading will involve more pulling and therefore more chances of feeling pain. A low threshold of pain and sensitive skin may also cause pain sensation.


(2). Since eyebrow threading removes hair from its follicle, the hair follicle may get infected. Bacteria may grow in the tiny pockets left by the pulled out hair. The condition is known as folliculitis and it often appear as small, white-headed pimples around one or more hair follicles. They may itch and in mild cases, they will often go away in a few days. Severe folliculitis may result in permanent hair loss and scarring, according to Mayo Clinic.

Allergic Reaction

(3). In some cases, the threaded may apply some soothing lotion after threading the eyebrow. The pores are open at this time and if you have sensitive skin, you may develop an allergic reaction to it. To prevent any allergic reactions, make sure any lotion or gel used is hypoallergenic and you are not allergic to the any of the ingredients in it.

Undesirable Results

(4). In the hands of an unskilled or inexperienced threaded, eyebrow threading can produce undesirable results. There are cases of uneven eyebrows, unmatched eyebrows where one eyebrow seems bigger or thinner than the other, or creating eyebrow arches that are not suitable for your face shape. Eyebrow threading is an art form and it takes a trained practitioner to produce favorable results. Always make sure your threaded is a licensed esthetician (skincare specialist) who is qualified to do the job.

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