Exercises To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance And Its Benefits

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When we run after many days even for few minutes why do we feel like our lungs are about to explode? We feel like we are short of breath and will probably faint .The reason behind it is the phenomena called Cardiovascular Endurance. It is the ability of the heart, lungs and circulatory system to provide oxygen to muscle during physical activity for a prolonged period of time .In the era of ever increasing urbanization and Mechanization of the world our level of physical activity has reduced. Doing physical activity on a daily basis increases your lifespan, and protects you from chronic health problems including many forms of cardiovascular disease. Lack of physical activity affects our cardiovascular endurance in negative way.

Cardiovascular endurance can be improved over a period of time as, the heart is a muscle and like any other muscle if you keep working it will prepare according to the workload given to it. Some of the exercises that you can perform for improving cardiovascular endurance are Running, Jogging, Walking, Kickboxing, Dancing, cycling, and swimming. Running, Jogging, Walking are most popular kind of exercises as they are low cost. Dancing is also a great form cardiovascular exercise. Nowadays gym instructor offers exercise classes for Latin, Ballroom, and many other dance forms. These classes provide a low-intensity calorie burn. Cardio kickboxing is another form of exercise which improves endurance by raising heart rate level for a long period of time. Those who cannot go for high-intensity cardio exercise can opt for medium rate cycling and swimming. Increasing workout intensity and exercising for a long time can improve the cardiovascular fitness to a great level.

Cardiovascular endurance is an important part of fitness and well-being as it is directly related to the heart. The heart is a muscle which is of prime importance in human beings as it keeps you healthy and prevents you from numerous health problems. People who have a high level of cardiovascular endurance have the highest rate of longevity and low blood pressure. They are full of energy and have more stamina. Also, those who are more involved in cardio exercise have a positive impact on the immune system.

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