7 Summer Clothing Essentials

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Summers are here and it is that time of the year when the sun is torturing you with its burn and heat. Deciding what to wear in summers could be little tricky because if you aren’t wearing the right fabric you are going to. Following are some of the must-have summer wardrobe clothing which will provide you comfortable and stylish look at the same time.

Maxi dresses- maxi dresses are a great choice for summers .If you want a carefree look just pick them. Also, it can be a great alternative for some of you who don’t prefer wearing short dresses but want a light look and feel. Ladies! Those of you who are afraid of your tummy and heavy thighs and want to hide your flaws of the body must try these summer essentials.

Shorts- In summers wearing jeans can be irritating . In such time shorts come in handy. There could be nothing more comfortable than wearing short lowers. You can wear denim or bright colored cotton shorts they will give a totally cool look.

V-neck Tees- wearing crew neck t-shirts in the summers can be uncomfortable. They’re too constricting-necks make you feel more open and comfortable. Also, girls with beautiful neckline should definitely try these.

Shirts- Cotton Shirts are the basic essential for summers. These are the invincible alternatives for summer as they provide you the necessary relaxation and a charming look. There is nothing versatile and practical than cotton shirts.

Crop tops- crop tops are back in vogue this summer. If you have slim waist crop tops are the perfect way of showing it off. The best part about crop tops are you can team them up with anything, whether it’s a jigging, shorts and even long skirts. They look amazing and effortlessly stylish.

Kurt- kurtis in light fabrics, fun prints, and chikan embroidery are a quintessential staple for your summers wear essentials. You can Pair them with jeans, leggings or Patiala’s to stay cool on a hot summer day. An easy kurti will help you out every time on those days when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Jumpsuits- Jumpsuits can be one of the most adorable pieces of clothing in a women’s wardrobe. If you want an alternative to your loose comfortable pajamas try jumpsuits. They are very comfortable and trendy.

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