Summer Hair Care Tips

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The summer breeze has started blowing and the mercury is rising .While you are deciding which sunblock to use hang on ladies! Don’t forget to protect your hairs. The sun not only damages your skin but your hairs as well. If your skin is getting tanned, your hairs are going to get less lustrous. UV rays produced by the sun make your hair rough and frizzy. If you are not taking the necessary precautions while enjoying the sunny days your beautiful tresses will suffer a lot. So, here are some hair care tips to beat the heat.

If you cannot stop yourself from staying away from direct rays covering your hair while going out in the sun is the basic and easiest way to protect your hairs. You can cover your hairs with a cotton scarf, dupatta, cap and with summer hats having tiny holes this will help your scalp from sweating.

In summers your hair is already suffering too much from the hot rays of the sun .So, it is best to skip the heating and styling tools to at least once or twice a week. Your hairs will thank you for this.

If you leave your hair open in the summers, it will get greasy and sweaty .Also, keeping your hairs loose can be uncomfortable. So, try hair buns, topknots, and stylish hair braids. Also, if you want to try a new look you can cut your hair short.

Women skip head baths every day as it spoils the setting of their hairs and they have to spend extra time setting their hairs with hairdryer but in summers you should take a head bath daily to provide relaxation and cooling to the scalp.

Like your body needs water to survive, your hair needs it too. Your hair needs to restore its moisture to stay healthy. To prevent your hairs from getting thinner and drier use deep conditioning treatment. As it would keep your hair hydrated and nourished and by providing necessary moisture to the hair.


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