Tips to Prevent Tanning

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Summers bring a lot of skin problems. The strong rays emitted by the sun not only damage our health but our skin too. One of the skin issues that we all face in summers is Tanning. The sun produces two types of rays UVA and UVB .The UVA rays cause tanning whereas the UVB rays  make it burn by affecting the upper layer of skin knows as the epidermis, which further causes sunburn. UVA radiations are the main cause of sun tanning. When UVA rays penetrate the skin and they promote melanocytes cells to produce melanin. Melanin is the brown colored pigment that causes our skin to tan. People with a dark complexion have more melanocytes cells compared to fair one. Therefore, people with dark skin have more skin protection against the sunburn and development of melanoma, a possibly bad kind of skin cancer.

Preventing yourself from tan is pretty easy rather than getting rid of tan. Follow these tips to prevent yourself from getting a tan.

  • Try to avoid the sun at peak hours i.e. between 10 A.M TO 4 P.M .During this time of the day, the UV rays are strongest.
  • The moment you step out in the sun UV rays are going to make you skin tan. So, it is important that you put sunscreen or sun block of broad spectrum before stepping out in the sun. A sunscreen of at least SPF 30- SPF 50 is preferably. Also, reapply the sunscreen as many times as you can while you are out.
  • To provide your skin with a little more protection, wear protective clothes whenever you go outside. Tightly woven fabric is comfortable to wear in summers. You can also add summer hats which are wide –brimmed and use Sunglasses with at least 99% UV Protection

Ladies in case you didn’t follow prevention measures and your skin is already suffering from stubborn skin tan. There is no need to worry .You can visit your spa and parlors and can get anti tan treatment.

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