Benefits of Head Massage

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The stress of hectic and monotonous life has an adverse effect on our lives. We don’t even realize how much harm this stress can do to our head. People are trying everything to get rid of a headache as it has become day to day illness a .Head massage is one of the most relaxing and divine ways to relieve you from headache. Head massage also knows as Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment in which gentle acupressure massage on the head, neck face and shoulders are given to the client. This Massage helps in rebalancing the energies of your body. Taking a head massage once in a week can cure head related issues in a minute. Following are few of the very basic ways in which head massage can benefit you

  • Pain in upper back, neck area, and head can cause migraines, headaches and pain in the back of the body which can cause physical discomfort .A massage therapist will start massaging your head by applying pressure points to the arms, and upper back that will help in releasing tension from muscles. The next step is massaging the neck and head to lessen blockages caused by a headache and promote better circulations of blood.
  • If growing hair is one of your concerns then you should definitely try head massage. The massage provides oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which further triggers nourishment this helps in promoting hair growth.
  • Massage will assist and promote relaxation and lessen the feeling of stress because massage warms the skin and induces better blood circulation in the blood vessels. Indian head massage promotes and improves the blood flow to the neck which helps in detoxifying the body.
  • Head massage is an ancient phenomenon. It has been there since the ayurvedic age so it focuses on balancing your body.
  • Do you tend to forget things very often? If that’s the case you might have short-term memory difficulties. The head massage helps us in calming your brain, sensual awareness takes over, thoughts get relaxed and awareness is brought .It is almost like your body goes into a reboot mode.


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