Summer Makeup Tips

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Summers and makeup is not a very friendly combination.Wearing makeup in summers can be messy. You get ready wearing your best lipstick and foundation and it melts down. Reason being, in summer our skin produces maximum oil when this oil mixes up with sweat your makeup starts melting. Following are some tips that you can take before applying makeup to keep it perfect in place.

  • In summers our skin produces a lot of oils. This makes our skin greasy and oily. When this oil mixes up with sweat our makeup melts down. So it is important that you prepare your face for makeup by washing it with an oil-free cleanser. Also, blot your face using blotting paper before applying makeup.
  • Primer is a must have makeup product for summers. It is the key to long lasting makeup. If you love wearing foundation and can’t help skipping it. Apply primer first and then apply foundation with the tip of your fingers.
  • Summers are not a good time to wear foundation. If possible avoid wearing foundation in summers and in case you can’t skip it never over apply it.
  • Moisturizers: In summers you don’t feel like applying moisturizer but it is dermatological recommended to apply moisturizer to your skin irrespective of the weather. For summer, it is recommended that you wear light coverage moisturizers. Tinted moisturizers are the best choice for that as they are light weight and provide lightweight coverage at the same time.
  • Before putting anything on eyes make sure to use primer on the eyelid. This will help in preventing smudge. Girls love to enhance their eyes by applying kohl. Instead kohl they should apply liquid liner.
  • For lips you can use staying power than a lip stain.lip gloss and lipsticks can also be used but lip stain look natural and it has a good lipstick or lip gloss.


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