Dental Spa: Treatment and Benefits

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Dentist! Does this word scare you? Because if it does then you are not alone .nearly 70 % of adults are scared of the dentist. People don’t look forward to dental appointments as just getting examined by dentist causes fear to them. To ease the fear and anxiety often related to dental visits, dentists across the country have created a welcoming and relaxing environment for their patients by adopting the pampering and pleasing amenities and services of day spas. These emerging dental practices often are termed as dental spas.

There are three types of dental spas: – pampering, therapeutic, Rejuvenating spa dentistry. The pampering dental spa provides service like aromatherapy, hand massages and hand towel. The therapeutic spa provides services like providing massages, facial and manicures and rejuvenation spa dentistry provides services related to skin care treatments. People often ask why massage is provided in a dental spa. The reason is it reduces anxiety and stress level. Before going through the dentistry treatment it helps the patient to ease, it slows heart rate and relieves muscles soreness. For the long dental procedure, it is important to relieve muscle soreness.

Apart from the relaxation and attracting patients in for dental treatments, the spa-like facilities also makes the job of dental staff easier and it helps them to make the patient comfortable. As when the patient is comfortable there are less risk of injuries and are easier to work compared to a tensed patient. For stressed and pain phobic patients spa dentistry provides gentle, pleasurable and drug-free dentistry. For this they use anti-anxiety medication, laughing gas.

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