Embroidery Styles In India

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Women love wearing sophisticated clothes but when it comes to traditional dresses they can’t deny the fact that they love the beautiful embroidery crafted on them. So, if you are one those who can’t take their eyes off from the traditional embroidered clothes. Check out the following style of embroidery that comes from different states of India.

Phulkari: Phulkari is the embroidery of flowers motifs on fabric. It comes from the states of Haryana and Punjab. In this kind, the embroidery covers up the entire cloth, leaving no gaps in between the whole purpose of doing so is making the fabric invisible. The base used for this kind of embroidery is hand woven khaddar. Usually, a contrasting color of the fabric is used as a base so that when embroidery is done with bright color threads which give a prismatic effect.

Chikankari: Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is the center of chikankari embroideries. It is the evergreen and most elegant kind of embroidery. Its subtlety and intricate designs make it one of the most talked about styles and a must have for women all across. Generally, it is done on lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, georgette or chiffons.

Mirror Work: – Mirror work hails from the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. In this, a combination with of colorful threads and mirror is used. Shiny material like mica or even sequin is used as a substitute of mirrors. The mirrors are placed in all direction. Apart from clothes it is also done on bags, bed sheets, accessories, decorative pieces and home furnishing.

Zarodari: Zarodari embroidery also known as metal embroidery is one of the ancient arts of stitching. In this gold and silver threads are stitched onto the fabric to create a beautiful work. In present days, colored metals are used to the look of the fabric. Since zarodari is done with metal wires, therefore, they need to be done on heavy fabrics like silk, velvet, crêpe.

Kantha: It is the popular embroidery style from Bangladesh and west Bengal India. The simplicity of this style is the reason for its extreme popularity. The stitch is done on the soft fabric of saris and dhotis. The thread is drawn from the border threads of the used cloth. It comprises of folk motifs, floral motifs, and animal and bird patterns. Also, themes of day-to-day activities are a popular design.

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