Why include Flexibility Exercise in Your Routine Workout Session


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Stretching before or after a workout is something that many of us tend to forget. We miss it intentionally sometimes, thinking that it won’t affect us in any way possible. We work out and we think that’s that. Stretching and warming up are equally important in the workout session. It is recommended by many, to stretch out for 8-10 minutes at least every day. Although the length of each work out session varies with the person’s ability to endure and process.  Warming up before stretching is very important. It makes sure that your muscles are warm and will help with stretching. A small jog or a brisk walk of 5-10 minutes should be sufficient for that.

Being flexible is not a good thing for the body postures but also is very important for physical fitness and muscle endurance. It factors in very importantly as a preventative treatment of muscle and tendon strains. Stretching limbs is not only increases your flexibility, it also helps in reducing arterial stiffness which is often cited as one of the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases. When your body becomes flexible it also helps enhance your sense of balance, agility, reflexes, coordination and stamina. That moment when you feel physically strong, healthy and flexible, you feel happy which in turn helps lengthen your life span.

Stretching should be done carefully so as to ensure that it doesn’t turn into an injury. Stretching done hurriedly can hurt more than it is supposed to help. It’s a process that should be done in stages and not achieved immediately. In the long run this process will become an integral part of your routine.

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