5 Exercises for Toned Upper Arms


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Halter tops, strap less, backless, sleeveless all lovely ensembles for the summer casuals have one thing in common. I can’t wear any of them. Why? It’s not that I am shy, oh no absolutely not, it’s just that I have little flab hanging from my upper arms. Most women like me carry a few extra pounds in the midsection, hips, shoulder blades and thighs; as a result, the extra fat on the arms are easier to lose, regardless of total body weight. Arm toning and strengthening exercises are important throughout life not just meant for body fitness; its benefits go way beyond looking good in a tank top. One rule that I follow of exercising is to exercise until I absolutely cannot. Ladies Gyms, fitness equipments or wellness centers are things that I don’t really get along with. I have tried to visit local gyms, fitness and wellness centers, but in vain. So I tried to pump some blood in the coziness of my household.  If you’re ready to get your own arms buff enough to go bare, here are the best arm exercises for strengthening and toning.


  1. Pilates Boxing : How to do it – Standing with feet a hips-width apart, bend your knees and hinge forward from your waist, maintaining a neutral spine. Raise fists to your shoulders and, keeping elbows up, box your right hand forward, clenching your abs. Bring hands to center and switch. For starters box on each side 20 times.


  1. Clean and Press Windmill: How to do it – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, a free weight between them. Push hips back to lower into squat and grab weight with left hand. Push through feet and rise to standing, lifting weight toward left shoulder and up overhead. Bend at waist to right, allowing right foot to turn out; right hand is on inside of right leg. Continue to bend sideways, sliding right hand down to foot, keeping left hand overhead. Reverse movement to return to squat. Switch sides and repeat.



  1. Reverse fly – Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet hip-width apart and your knees bent. Bend forward at the hips and let your arms hang straight down from your shoulders, palms facing. Raise both arms out to the sides as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Return to start. That’s one rep. Do at least 10 reps.


  1. Lying Triceps Extension – Lie face-up on a bench and hold a pair of dumbbells above your head, arms straight and palms facing each other. Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells until they are at either side of your head. Pause, and then lift the weights back to the starting position. That’s one rep. Do 5 reps daily.


  1. Split Squat Rotation – Stand with feet together, holding a ball (you can use a soccer ball or a stack of books) at chest. Step left foot back and lower into squat with right knee bent. Push into right leg, straightening both legs while twisting torso to push medicine ball over right shoulder; return to previous position. Continue for 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat. That should be done 5 times.


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